21 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas

The state of Texas provides a plays host to many amazing fishing opportunities wide assortment of fishing opportunities. These are my favorite:

Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake is something special. If you want to catch a lot of fish and escape from the crowds you’ve got likely found at other destinations, Falcon Lake just fantastic.

There are a few good fish inside this lake and a number of monsters. Besides great Bass fishing, there’s an abundance of Crappie. Falcon is a comparatively shallow lake with gradual sloping banks found in many the reservoir.

Focus your efforts on these honey holes, and you’re going to stand a fantastic prospect of landing some excellent bass, possibly a trophy-sized fish, The lake is a huge spot for catching quantities of bass.

The Falcon Lake is on the borders of Mexico and Texas situated precisely in Zapata. A lot of largemouth bass are caught here. The lake was badly hit by the drought that threatened its existence for a decade, but it has come around very well with a lot of largemouth bass. When it comes to quality largemouth bass, Falcon has made a name in producing it consistently in the whole of America. A lot of anglers visit is this lake to fish the brutish bass it harbors. If you love largemouth bass, you should go tangle with some there.

Choke Canyon

The lake is a superb location for catching quantities of bass. There is a ton of enormous fish here, both Largemouth and White bass. A 15 pounder has been caught on crankbaits.There’s no doubt a crankbait will create big bass on Choke. It is very important to know to fish the southern portion of the lake because this is the hot spot.

Night fishing on this lake is also fabulous. It is not always simple to discover the hot spots for spawning white bass. The new lake effect bolsters a variety of aquatic life, but nevertheless, it can be especially beneficial to largemouth bass populations. Locate the grass, and you’ll discover the bass.

When it comes to the consistent production of black bass, think Choke Canyon. It is a man-made lake that covers nearly twenty-six thousand surface acres that were formed by backing up water from the River Frio over some timber, creek beds and lots of other stuff. The temperate weather of South Texas plus all of the above combination resulted in the lake producing enough black bass as they have enough to feed on. Although the lake is quite hidden, you can always be rewarded with large bass if you make it that far.

Lake Amistad

Amistad is a beautiful topwater lake in spring and fall, but in the early portion of the calendar year, anglers frequently have to handle strong winds. Amistad also sees extensive warm-season hydrilla development, or so the fish have lots of covers regardless of what the water level. A superb strategy is to work the borders of the river and creek channels. Those ledges will hold a good deal of suspended bass.

In 1969, Rio Grande was dammed to form the massive Lake Amistad which encompasses nearly seventy thousand surface acres. It is situated near Del Rio. The lake is remotely located which it makes a charming place to go fishing. The lake is located between the United States and Mexico. It is an excellent topwater lake in fall and spring, but anglers have to deal with strong winds at the beginning of the year. When we talk of the best places you can catch trophy bass, we talk Amistad. It is one of the most scenic lakes in the states of Texas.


You can catch a number of huge fish here.

Lake O the Pines

Huge reservoir with18k acres of water and copious amounts of fish.

O.H. Ivie Lake

Has large, small, and white bass. The biggest was 16 lbs.

Lake Austin

There’s an endless quantity of bass habitat here. A 16 lb monster was caught here with crankbait. The river beneath the dam provides excellent fishing, especially in spring. It’s normal for this grass-filled lake to generate fantastic catches of 2-5 lb. Lake Austin contains a fantastic population of largemouth bass with the prospect of a trophy.

Alan Henry

This lake is famous for producing a huge number of bass, including many that exceed 10 lbs. Some of the largest and best fish are often found at the base of a waterway. Besides great Bass fishing, there’s an abundance of Crappie.

Sam Rayburn

You’re able to catch lots of fish in only a few hours, and that is the reason why everyone adores the place. There are many Largemouth Bass and bluegill that really like plastic and real worms.

Known in the Lone Star State for producing plenty of big basses all throughout the year, Sam Rayburn or Big Sam is the largest internment completely located within the limits of Texas. No one will argue about it being the best. Due to this, it has become the darling of many anglers from professional anglers to “weekend fun catching” anglers. The lake is fed by several creeks loaded with fallen timber, brush and vegetation. “Big Sam” as it is popularly known is capable of giving you enough bass. Just a trip to Sam Rayburn is enough to yield a lifetime fish. It gets a lot of anglers on weekends due to its proximity to Texas’ major population from the southeast.

Toledo Bend

The Toledo Bend reservoir is regarded by many anglers to be one of the highest fisheries in the USA. Since several of the waters are reservoirs which are part of rivers, much of that fluctuation is the consequence of water-level control. It is usually very clear in the middle, and then it becomes murky as you go into the upper parts and near the edges of the water. There is going to be a lot of superior fish caught, the lake is in great shape for lots of big weights to be brought in. The very best daytime strategy is to be on the lake initially light and work topwater in addition to the initial 30 minutes or longer in the event the bite carries on, which might be the case if cloud cover is present. Toledo Bend has a superb Fall fishing pattern.

This reservoir is very popular for constantly producing abundant and quality bass. Toledo Bend Reservoir is quite big and gets into the part of Louisiana. The size of the water does not matter when it comes to fishing, what matters is how much there is to catch in the water, and Toledo Bend is capable. Toledo Bend is fed by the Sabine River and lots of other creeks both from Louisiana and Texas. Due to its popularity in the abundance of bass found there, it draws a lot of anglers of all categories.

Lake Fork

This is the sort of lake where you’re most likely to catch a monster bass there 15 of the top 20 Texas State Record Largemouth Bass including one at 18 lb. It is known as the Big Bass Capital of Texas, see for yourself on TPWD site.

Lake Fork is famous for producing giant bass. It is an excellent place to find a record catch. It is one of the premier bass fishing destinations in the world. It offers a variety of conditions that are very nice for catching big bass.

This is the top known trophy bass lake in the whole nation and one of the best places to bass fish In Texas which has produced the best top 50 bass in the whole of Texas. Anglers from all over the nation and across flock the lake to bass fish. There is always the chance for catching a largemouth water game. No angler comes empty-handed from Lake Fork.

You can have good luck with this brilliant, fantastic areas to go fishing whether you’re fishing from your boat or whenever you choose to do some shore fishing.

Brushy Creek Lake Park

You may have a fishing day which most people only dream about, or you are able to get skunked. It is a nice lake to kayak or bank fish and no motors allowed so it is nice and quiet.

Gibbons Creek Reservoir

Bass eat a myriad of critters. Find the shad and you’ll discover the bass.

Cedar Creek Lake

Ray Roberts

This lake is loaded with lots of big bass and is situated just outside the north entrance or exit of Dallas. Ray Roberts is so loaded it is capable of beating Lake Fork for a state record when it comes to bass. This makes it one of the best places to bass fish in Texas. It has a lot of bait to feed them and it is fed by the Trinity River and Elm Fork and other creeks. It is well structured and easy to fish on. Though it contains a lot of bass, it does not mean that it will reward every trip made into the lake. There are times you might catch enough bass sufficient for while whereas several trips could still yield nothing. But it is filled with enough bass.

Guadalupe River









An angler can’t think of this lake without thinking of buzz baits and “The Jungle.” You can’t separate the two when it comes to Livingston. Wondering what “The Jungle” is? It is simply that part of the lake that is filled with vegetation and timber and is always very difficult to negotiate. Livingston, a ninety thousand surface acres lake in the eastern part of Texas is filled with bass all year round. You can only use floating worm or buzz baits to catch fish from the lake. The lake draws a lot of thousands of angles that still go back satisfied. Livingston is one of the most productive lakes when it comes to bass in the whole of Texas.







Brandy Branch

Lake LBJ

Canyon Lake

Decker Lake


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