Spring Break Fishing Adventure

I usually plan a special trip every weekend and sometimes long trip on vacations. However, this spring break was the best because we went bass fishing.

Time to experience a new adventure

Planning an adventure has been the best part of our college life. since the beginning, we have planned something new and unique to assure that we will get a new experience. Being the part of the media industry, we make sure to find beauty in everything and love to capture some of the best moments that can be helpful in our career in the future. It all started when we went on a camping trip to complete a group assignment. We were supposed to shoot a small film about camping which could be anything. Our film got the most appreciation in class because it had everything the teacher could wish for. That gave us the inspiration to work together on different projects and go on a different adventure. It was our chance to learn an explore the world on our own terms. The spring break was near and we were planning to visit the Disney land this time. I do not even know why this idea came to our mind but we were planning to get out and test our skills because after that camping trip we have been into nature and other such spots.

The bass fishing bet

It seems like the luck was not on our side because we did not get the chance to visit the Disney instead we got caught up in a bet of bass fishing. You might be wondering that how that happened.  We were in the cafeteria when a random guy cam accusing my friend that he has been hitting on his sister. The best part is that we did not even know that he was hitting on someone. So, we had a bet that if Ron and his friends win they could punish our friend by marrying his sister our friend. While if we win Ron would have to bring his sister for confirmation and apologize to our friend. It was a deal because we were not ready to shed any blood. My friend was worried that if his boyfriend would find out their relationship will get into trouble but we have no other way to prove that he was innocent. You must have guessed by now that we were going for a bass fishing trip.

Shopping with zero experience and a sweet surprise

We are filmmakers, ask us about a camera, editing technology and shoots and will explain everything point by point without even taking a breath. However, when it comes to fishing we have no experience. The reason is simple none of has been to fishing before. We came to know that in bass fishing we were supposed to catch the fish called bass. The worst part is that we can catch as many as we will but the winner would be the one who catches the biggest bass. The competition was on and we had to go shopping. We had to buy all the tools required for fishing there was no backing out now.

We might not know about fishing but other people did. When we went to the store with all fishing accessories you would not believe who I found, my high school friend Rocky who has been in this field for ages. He has a degree in environmental science and he is a fishing expert. I told him about the bet that we had and he was ready to help. He explained everything that the fishing rod, reel and bait we were supposed to used and how we had to assure that the bass we catch should not die because it would not be counted even if it is the biggest. We called the rivals and asked them to remove the fish-killing portion but they refused because it was the point on which the entire competition was based on. Rocky said that there is nothing to worry about because he is here to help us out. We were 5 friends and including rocky now there were 6 and our rivals were 6 as well so, it was even.

Rocky took the charge of all the instruments and called us for a training session. 13 days were left in the competition and trained as much as we can because Rocky wanted to assure that all of us knew how to handle the rod in case he is doing something else when the fish is caught.

We selected Choke Canyon as our fishing spot because according to rivals and Rocky, it was the best spot to catch black bass. The temperature supports the growth of fish.

A new adventure begins with finding the boat

The worst issue we had to deal with was finding the boat. No one was ready to lend us their boat because they knew we had no experience in the process. They were afraid that we might damage their boat. Rocky went to see his parents due to which we had no help. In the end, one of my friends talked to his uncle about the boat and told them that they would take extra care and if there is any damage done to the boat we will pay for it. The reason we were unable to lend a boat was that it was expensive and we had already paid for all the equipment that we had to buy for fishing. There were only a few dollars left that could be used for beers at the end considering the result we had.

It is never too late to fish

The challenge began. According to the rival team we had to reach the spot early in the morning before the sunrise and we were supposed to fish till sunset. A small tank was fitted in the boat to keep the bass alive. You will be surprised to know that we were supposed to reach the spot by 6.30 in the morning and we were there at 8. The rival team was already in the water they had caught their first bass the moment we reached. It was not huge enough due to which the left it in the water again to swim away.

We were sacred and disappointed because we were already late. Within the next few minutes we were in the water as well trying to catch the fish that we have never seen in our life but Thank God Rocky was about to reach within an hour, so we were relieved.

What’s that bait?

You will be surprised to know that we made the biggest mistake of our life. one of my friends caught the bass. It was surprisingly huge and even the rivals were surprised that without any experience. How we have been able to catch the fish. Unfortunately, it was dead. We were shocked and the rival team was laughing because looking at the fish they got the idea regarding the mistake that we had made. Considering that we were new to all this they told us that there was no bait on out fishing hook due to which the hook killed the fish.

 We all laughed at our mistake even the rival team. You would not believe that even Ron smiled but at the same time he said that the bet is still on. I called my friend Rocky and told him to bring the bait as well. we stored the fish to eat after we are done with the fishing tournament.

Fights and laughter

After a few minutes, Rocky was with us and the game was on. We were not supposed to make noisy sounds like playing music because it would frighten the fish away. So, instead of getting bored we started another small competition. Both teams started to tell jokes and we made fun of some of our teachers and other famous personalities of college only to pass the time. The best part is that these few hours turned our rivalry into friendship. We said that whatever the results are truth will come out but both teams were not ready to lose this moment in anger. That is why we enjoy our time as much as we can while keeping the spirit of the game. We were still not ready to lose anytime soon because it was our chance to shine. We caught several basses all of the different sizes and so did they. This time all our fishes were alive thanks to rocky and they were safely stored in the water tank in our boat. We were not going to back out and neither were they ready to stop fishing.

Who caught the biggest bait?

A few minutes were left for the sunset. To end the game on a good note we started the countdown together. We laughed and enjoy the moment as much as we can. Soon we were on the shore without the tank of fishes. You will be surprised to know that we forgot the most important thing once again. We had no better to measure the weight of fish. It means that there was no way we could find out that would be the winner of the competition. You would have been surprised because this was the worst mistake that we could make. Even Ron’s team forgot about the measuring tool as well.

There were a few stores near the shore and we started to check them to find out if they had any tool that can be useful. After searching for 30 minutes we were able to find the perfect tool that will help us to measure the size without killing the fish. After that, we started measuring the fishes that were the biggest. The last fish we gave was our biggest. There was only a difference of 0.5 in the weight of both biggest fishes from both teams. So after all this hard work, competition and laughter, we won the match by only 0.5. It was a victory after all and we were not going to let anyone go without a celebration.

Ending with beer, pizza, and some laughter

We told Ron that there is no need for an apology because we are not going to humiliate his sister. We know there is some misunderstanding and as friends we will help him find that douche bag who has done this to his sweet sister. So, we decided to eat pizza and have some beer. We noticed that none of us had enough money to pay for the entire treat. So, we plan that our team will bring beer and their team will bring pizza and we will meet at the famous park within an hour. We were on the spot. We started enjoying pizza because we were hungry after fishing the entire day and enjoy our beer.

We were having fun when we noticed that there was a couple sitting near us and the girl was looking at us. After a few minutes she was walking towards us and when she reached near us, she just said Ron what are you doing here. That is how we found out that she was his sister. Soon a young body came beside her. He introduced us as her fiancé. We were surprised and Ron was shocked. A few hours later he proposed to his sister and he could not be happy enough to know that he is going to be a father. All the issue was resolved and we ended up being invited to a luxurious wedding that we were going to cover.

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