6 Best Places to Bass Fish in Florida

Florida is has a lot of lakes that offer a lot of fish, and it is known as the Fishing Capital of the World.

1 Lake Tarpon

Lake Tarpon is a small lake of about two thousand five hundred surface acres situated just north of St Petersburg near the Tarpon Springs. A quite small right? Do not let the size fool you. This lake is quite full of bass. When we talk of Lake Tarpon, we talk bass. Anglers are sure to catch a dozen or two basses here on every trip made into the lake with one about ten pounds. This lake is situated in an city area. So be sure to get in the midst of hustling and bustling of urban life. If you don’t mind about this, then you are in for a great game. As the month gets colder, the fish tend to move towards the south of the lake whereas, in the spring and summer in the north, the fishing is top with surely many rewards. If you want to avoid taking a boat in the county parks, you can make use of the boardwalks and piers meant for anglers.

2 Lake George

As the second largest lake in Florida and one of the best spots for largemouth bass, it covered forty-six thousand surface acres with an average depth of 10 feet and situated about twenty-nine miles east of Ocala in Florida. Lake George contains vegetation in abundance that makes near surface and topwater lures very technical. Drayton Island is a trendy spot for anglers to fish around. The lake has only one public boat ramp on the south end. Also on the east end of the lake off of Nine Mile Point Road is a fishing pier.

3 Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Toho situated in central Florida is found south of the city of Kissimmee and has hosted bass tournaments like famous Bassmaster Classic in 2016. It is a trophy largemouth bass heaven. It is very famous for producing plenty of monster fish that even go over sixteen pounds. The lake contains five boat ramps, two fishing piers for those who choose to go by that and for those who prefer offshore fishing many public access points, making it an ideal place for anglers. The best about this place is that it is open all year round. To increase the concentration of fish in the deeper parts of the lake, eight human-made fish attractors are put in the lake. One thing is sure. There will always be bass for any angler who goes in there.

4 Crescent Lake

This lake is unique in its variety of bass. It is in the league of quality bass producers in the state and contains bass as heavy as eight pounds. Crescent Lake is situated northeast of Lake George. It has a lot of vegetation, timber on which they feed. So if you think you can fish in the grass, then try the Crescent Lake. Its water is quite clean too. Be sure to catch some bass there no matter your style. There is that guarantee due to effective presence of bass here. The reason why the Crescent City located offshore is known as “The Bass Capital of the world.” This is a very high place for any angler who does not like losing at all and poses as one of the best places to bass fish in Florida. Good luck.

5 Lake Harris

Lake Harris is located west of Orlando near Tavares. It is fed by many creeks and surrounded by many water bodies though being the largest amongst them all and quite deeper than most lakes in the state of Florida with a depth of about twenty feet. It is quite famous for bass fishing. The lake has enough vegetation. If you love gliding over grass to fish, then the Lake Harris is a place for you. There is also a small Lake Harris connecting the big lake from the southeast direction less than fourteen thousand surface acres. Here there are lots of bass to catch too but less boat traffic.

6 Lake Okeechobee

The second largest lake in U.S and the largest lake in Florida and amongst the best places to bass fish in Florida and the world at large is Lake Okeechobee. It has hosted many world‘s biggest bass tournaments such as the Bassmaster Elite Series, FLW Tour. It is a bass paradise of about four hundred and fifty thousand surface acres situated south of Florida. There is always a lot of fishing pressure which the lake miraculously supports due to some restorative methods used to help fish population to grow. Lake Okeechobee contains a lot of vegetation and is about nine feet deep. Here, anglers go back with only one fish of over twenty two inch and release any about or above that in the lake. Moonshine Bay on the west side of Lake Okeechobee and the north end of the lake produces the largest numbers of bass. This does not mean you will only get bass there. Anywhere in the lake is also great.

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