Best Places To Bass Fish In Colorado

So what would be the best places to bass fish in Colorado? Here are some of my top choices:

Pueblo Reservoir

Lake Pueblo State Park is located in Pueblo County, and it is well known for its wildlife, so it is not uncommon to meet coyote, deer, fox and different snake species. Also, it is quite a popular bass fishing spot in Colorado. It contains spotted smallmouth and largemouth black bass. Usual catch relates to specimens smaller than 15 inches, but that does not mean you cannot expect not to catch bass with over 15 inches in length. This park is located only 15 minutes from a town called Pueblo with a rich history. A daily pass for vehicles costs 7$. Regulations include that minimum size for bass is 15 inches in length. With a high number of bass population with a length between 10 and 15 inches, Pueblo Lake is considered to be the top location for bass sports fishing in the following years with a significant number of tournaments.

St. Vrain State Park

Previously known as Barbour Ponds, this place is recognized as camping and birding spot. With approximately 200 acres of water, it comprises ten ponds stocked with different fish species which makes St. Vrain State Park one the most enjoyable destinations for family fishing in the state of Colorado. Usual standards require a fishing license for persons over the age of 16, and daily limits applied to each species of fish, etc.

However, we need to draw attention to some ponds which also have special rules, such as Bald Eagle Pond and Blue Heron Reservoir, where all basses must be returned to the water immediately after the catch. Locals recommend the use of spinnerbaits, plastics and crankbaits as appropriate with your fishing poles which must be attended at all times. Pelican, Mallard, Killdeer and Red Tail as the best ponds for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass, whereas Bald Eagle and Blue Heron are ponds where only catch and release is allowed for both species of bass.

McPhee Reservoir

This second largest lake in Colorado was named after a small town in Montezuma County once famous for its lumber production. Today town is submerged, but the lake itself became famous as one of the best places to bass fish in Colorado, especially for smallmouth bass.

There you may find a number of wide range fishing tournaments. Among other species, you shouldn’t be surprised with a catch of largemouth bass. Usual regulations include that bass must be released if it is between 10-15 inches long. The main season for smallmouth bass fishing is in the late spring – early summer.

Horsetooth Lake

Horsetooth reservoir or just Horsetooth, which is how locals have a habit of calling it, is located in Larimer County, close to Fort Collins city and it was created in 1949. Primarily it is the main source of water for the local communities but is also very popular recreation spot with more than half million visitors per year due to its offer for diverse activities like boating, swimming, climbing, hiking, biking and of course fishing, both from shore and boats. Moreover, with its beauty, great camping facilities and large population, Horsetooth absolutely deserves to be treated as one of the best places to bass fish in Colorado.

Crawford Reservoir

Crawford Reservoir is a part of Crawford State Park which is located some 30 miles from the city of Delta, and it was established in 1974. It is well known for its population of largemouth bass among other species. It is open for fishing year round, and regulated limit for largemouth bass is over 18 inches. Locals recommend that the best spots for catching bass are rocky areas near the dam, but also flooded vegetation using spinner and crank-baits, as well as soft plastics. Spring is the main fishing season.

Trinidad Lake

With an enjoyable climate, this State Park has a great reputation for being a perfect spot for water sports like windsurfing and skiing and off-season recreation spot. Camping ground, wildlife, and opportunities for climbing and hiking make this place even better. Finally with a high population of smallmouth and largemouth bass Trinidad Lake is a well-known bass fishing spot in Colorado. Regulations require captured bass to be longer than 15 inches to be kept. Other fish species like walleye, catfish, rainbow and brown trout, black crappie, yellow perch, etc. are represented in an enviable number.

Aurora Reservoir

And finally for all those who are from Denver, capital of Colorado and enjoy in fishing of bass one of the nearest perfect spot is definitely Aurora Reservoir. Is there something more to say than the record, both by weight and length of smallmouth bass in Colorado came from this destination? And if I tell you that population of largemouth bass is also significantly high what more do you need to start packing your fishing equipment. The season starts in April reaching its peak in May so if you are a bass fishing fan, but have a limited time available or like to be close to civilization Aurora is more than a perfect destination for you.

If you are a fan of fishing and especially bass fishing one of the most exciting destinations you should visit is Colorado, a proud owner of Mount Elbert, the highest point of Rocky Mountains. It is one of the largest US States, also known as the Centennial State, Colorful Colorado, which indeed absolutely is, but also as. Having rich water history and nicknamed Mother of Rivers, this state was officially named after Colorado River. It is pierced by the rivers, streams, and lakes, so you shouldn’t be surprised because besides festivals, hiking, and camping, Colorado is also famous as a home of some great places for fishing.

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