My first time was fun

I had never, in my entire life, gone bass fishing. Maybe that’s one of the things I should have told my girlfriend, Amanda, when she suggested we went bass fishing one random weekend. To be fair, it was my fault that she thought that was a good idea. The thing is, we were on the beginning stages of our relationship. I still couldn’t believe she found me attractive, interesting or remotely worth of her time. Meanwhile, she was the most precious human being I had ever seen, with a wonderful mind and the greatest sense of humor I could have possibly imagined.



The thing is, we were hanging out on her backyard, it was a sunny day, and the grass was perfectly green and soft just to lay there. Amanda looked so pretty and whimsical that day. She was telling me about her grandfather who was a professional fisher with a particular passion for bass fishing. However, he thought that wasn’t something for girls and never even let her get on a boat. Her father, a businessman, never even attempted to fix that, get close to the water and make one his daughter’s dreams come true. I, being a gentleman and a lover of nature promised I would help her with that.



I might have forgotten to mention that by a lover of nature I meant that I liked to go out hiking to the mountains every once in a while, yet didn’t even know how to swim. Imagine the panic I felt when exactly a week later my girlfriend shows up at my door with all of her grandfather’s equipment for fishing. She was so excited, and it was angelic. How could I say no to her? I simply couldn’t. So the next day, early morning, we were arriving at the lake closest to our city.


Very early, it’s very early,” I said, slowly parking the car, trying to gain time.


And I love it! Don’t you love it? Oh my God, look at the sun!”


Her excitement was contagious, and I would have preferred to die than to take part in hurting her. But the procrastinator in me, and my massive fear for water got the best of me.


Maybe checking our list twice isn’t enough. Don’t you want to check a third time that we have everything we need?” I told her, after ridiculously slowly taking out all our bags.


Wait! I need to tie my shoe!” I exclaimed, tied my right shoe very slowly and a few steps later: “Hold on! Now it’s the other shoe!”


I’m not sure if we have enough sunscreen… Sunscreen is important. Maybe we should buy some more. What about bug spray?” My excuses were turning lame.


Aren’t you hungry? Maybe we should go for some food first.” I was getting desperate.


But nothing was stopping Amanda. For every excuse I made up she had the perfect answer.


Everything is the bag! There’s nothing else we need! I can feel it.” She was so sure of herself.


Honey, take off your shoes. Who needs shoes in a boat anyway?” Her arguments were precise.


It’s more than enough sunscreen! You’re acting like my aunt, Susan. Do you want to take your sewing kit to the boat? Are you getting cold, my love, do you need a soft cardigan perhaps?” She was literally already making fun of me and the day was just starting!


I’m only hungry for adventure. Let’s go!” But she was also adorable.


So before I knew it the boat was moving and so was my breakfast on my stomach, the nerves were going to kill me. Between the moments she decided we were going fishing and the second we were there, I barely had time to search online on my phone how to do it, or at least pretend and hope for the best.


It wasn’t so bad; I did threw the thing to the water and held the other part of the thing. There were lots of little things and ugly-looking things and… more things. It’s safe to say I had no idea what any of that stuff was. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice. Regardless, she had no idea either. It turned out to be beautiful – both of us struggling with the fishing equipment, laughing, enjoying each other’s company. And the best part was finally seeing her smile at following one of her childhood dreams. She was on a boat, out in the lake, fishing with the same stuff her grandfather had used. I was so lucky.


That was until I wasn’t lucky at all. Perhaps I was just too lucky? I didn’t know. But the thing is that suddenly my rod was shaking in my hand. I was a second away from crying out or letting the thing fall until Amanda herself screamed in joy.


Oh my God! You got it! You got one! Don’t lose it!”


She was jumping on her seat, and I was so sure the boat was going to drop me to the water, and I was surely going to die. But shaking and terrified as I was I held tightly to the rod. I have no idea how Amanda didn’t notice my face of absolute panic, but still, I was desperately reeling the cord and hopelessly hoping a fish would come out of the water and into the hands of my overtly excited girlfriend.


However, to our surprise but probably not for anyone else who had seen us use that pathetic and not at all truthful technique… Only a plastic bag came out of the water. For a second we remained in silence. I don’t know if Amanda was just confused or also disappointed. But I knew I had to fix the situation quickly.


Amanda, I have no idea how to catch bass. I don’t even know how to swim… But I bet you I can catch a shoe using this same trick” I gave her my best smile, and in exchange, she smiled back, everything would be fine.

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