We hit all the best spots of the lake

It was as early as seven in the morning, and we were just about to leave the hotel where we were lodged for the lake where we would be fishing.

“I would implore us all to take breakfast as the journey might last the whole day,” the well-built official said.

“Do you reckon we eat?” Daniel poked me lightly while motioning at a group of three girls who were already heading to the restaurant.

“You know I’m not really a morning person,” I replied. The only thing I could take this early in the morning was a cup of coffee.

“Come with me. I would just grab bacon,” he said, dragging me with him to the restaurant. He took his seat at the table where the girls were already sitting and motioned at me to take the last seat. I reluctantly did this and watched as he flirted with them in a way that could only be considered ridiculous because he was overdoing it.

“Jake,” he said to me in a loud voice when he realized that the girls were not giving him attention, “do you remember the last time we went bass fishing?”

Knowing that he was merely trying to impress the girls, I decided to indulge him. “Which one was that?”

“At Detroit River, remember?” he winked at me.

“You’ve fished at Detroit River before?” one of the girls asked in surprise.

“Wow!” another replied.

“It was in January,” he said pompously, “I caught ninety-seven fishes and I was planning on making it a hundred, but we had to stop fishing since it was already dark.”

“That’s a huge amount of fishes,” one of the girls gushed.

I couldn’t help and smile at the admiration that was obvious in the girls’ faces. Daniel was enjoying himself, and he kept on bragging about his feat in bass fishing.

Daniel was my childhood friend, and for all I knew, he had never been to Detroit River before. In fact, we’ve only fished at the Golf’s Pond before, and this would be the first time we would be out fishing in a River.

“Jake, remember that time when a shark wanted to upturn our boat at Lake Clair,” he said.

“Of course,” I replied even though we both know that the only time that he ever saw a shark was on TV.

“And I knew that Jake and I were going to get eaten by the shark if I didn’t do anything about it.”

“Wow!” the girls gushed.

“That’s right,” I nodded, “Daniel was my savior. We would have ended up in the shark’s belly.”

“No,” Daniel shook his head, “not we. Just you.”

“Remind me again, how did you get rid of the shark?” I asked, intentionally putting him in a tight spot.

“Yes, tell us how you got rid of the shark,” one of the girls said.

“Huh!” he said, scratching at his head in confusion, “huh…what happened was that…” he turned to me and looked pleadingly at me to help him out of the tight spot.

I simply shook my head and gave him a snide smile. He pulled himself into the spot, and there was no way that I was going to help him out of it.

He was still stuttering and stammering when the tour guide came back.

“I hope we’ve all eaten. We need to move now,” the tour guide said.

Daniel was the first person to spring up to his feet.

“My ladies,” he said to the girls, giving an exaggerated bow, “I would have regaled you with the tale of how I was able to get rid of the shark, thereby saving my friend from being eaten. However, time, as always, is not on our side.”

“You can tell us on the way, can’t you?” I said, smirking at him.

He pulled me by the hands away from the girls to the front of the crowd as we filed out of the restaurant in haste.

We boarded a bus, and we were soon transported to the boating lake.

“This lake is one of the city’s best trophy bass lakes. This 60 acre of private lake is under the guidance of experienced and friendly experts. You get to enjoy the unique sensation of hooking these fishes in a picturesque surrounding.”

“Can we just skip the formalities and get to the business already?” Daniel said, excitedly.

Soon enough, we were divided into groups and Daniel, and I were in the boat with a middle-aged Asian woman.

Every boat had its own digital camera to capture the moment, and we made use of the camera excessively – how else were we going to prove that we went on bass fishing.

We hit all the best spots of the lake, and with the guidance of our guide, I was able to catch fishes on an array of lures and techniques including spinner baits, buzz baits, and few others. The only setback to it wasn’t that all bass that were caught were to be released into the lake. So, apart from the pictures took with the cake, there was nothing else to show for it.

After this, we went to another nearby lake and fished all the best areas on it for the afternoon. At the second lake, I caught two basses on the same lure. Daniel caught one that was eating another bass and he howled happily when he caught a 10-pounder.

By the time we landed back on the ground, it was late afternoon, and I was famished. We finished up the tour at the restaurant where I finally ate.

“Hey, shark fighter! How many basses did you catch today?” someone called from the other end of the restaurant.

We looked up to see the girls that Daniel had been trying to impress earlier. I smiled at them and Daniel, not realizing that they were merely pulling his legs shouted right back.

“About two hundred and fifty. There aren’t many fishes in this lake, you know,” he shrugged.

The girls burst out laughing at this, and he turned to me in confusion.

“Do you think they know that I’m lying?” he asked.

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