Catching Big Bass on Rainy Day Lake Guntersville Alabama

The very first time I ever caught a bass, it was an unforgettable day. My best friend, Jim, and I usually accompany our dads to fish for bass. Sometimes, we fish on the shore or in a kayak. We would try to see who would catch the biggest type of bass.

We all had our fishing rods, and we were in different positions on the boat. When the bass took my hook and bait in its mouth, I struggled with it and tried my best to reel it in.

The others came to watch, but none of them offered to help, preferring to see me do it myself. I finally managed to get the fish in the boat, and my dad quickly put it in a cooler. The fish was very big. Everyone cheered and hugged me.

I got a real thrill from that, and ever since that day, and it had always been in my mind to catch bigger bass. For many years that I fished, I caught a lot of, but I never caught one as big as the one I caught on the boat years ago.

Now, James and I were invited for vacation in Alabama. One of his cousins invited us. James and I were very excited. Alabama was without a doubt one of the best states in the United States where bass are available, especially in Lake Guntersville.

There are lots of big largemouths in Guntersville, and luckily enough, Jim’s cousin lives very close to the area. Jim and I discussed a lot about fishing. We always go fishing every weekend. Unlike us when we were kids, our children didn’t show any interest in fishing. They preferred to sit at home and play video games.

When we told our families about the vacation in Alabama, they wondered what was so interesting in bass fishing. We wish we could make them understand, but it is what it is. The only thing in my and Jim’s minds was catching very big bass.

We packed our bags and fishing equipment, and we were driven to the airport by our family who wished us happy fishing. We sat together on the plane and discussed the different ways we were going to get our hands on big bass. We were like kids in a building full of candies.

We were picked up by Jim’s cousin at the airport, and on our way to his house, we reminisced and talked about our days as kids. We had all played a lot together and fished a lot. The conversation turned to bass fishing.

No one can dispute that Alabama is one of the best, if not the best place to catch big bass,” Dave said.

I don’t think anyone would dispute that,” I said.

You would be amazed by the number of people who have come over here just because of bass fishing,” Dave said.

Well, it seems, they are not the only one. We are ready to join them too,” Jim said.

We met with Dave’s family, and unlike my family and that of Jim, these were highly interested in all manner of fishing. They were all enthusiastic about the sizes of the bass that many people had caught.

I can’t wait to go bass fishing tomorrow,” Jim said.

Oh, would that be a good idea?” Dave’s wife said. “The weather people claim that tomorrow would be a rainy day.”

Is that so?” Jim asked. He looked at me, and both of us burst into laughter. He faced her and said, “Even if fire falls from the sky, we are going bass fishing tomorrow.” Everyone laughed.

The largemouth bass was the most elusive and the biggest of them all. All the black bass are usually referred to as strong fighters, and they often find ways to escape from a hook. They prefer to run for cover to avoid being caught. Bass are pretty smart fish, and it takes an expert to catch them. For example, bass are known to small strange chemicals on people who are trying to catch them.

I have always been fascinated with bass. Anglers show off the bass they have caught on Youtube, and some people even have a special channel where they show people the best places to do bass fishing and also how to catch them. These are fishes that are very stubborn and very difficult to catch.


The next day

Jim and I got in a two-man kayak and paddled on the Guntersville Lake. Dave decided to follow us in his fishing boat. When we were in a recommended place to fish, we stopped and brought out our fishing gear.

Just as soon as we got our fishing rods in the water, the raining began. Dave called out to us to come and join him and fish under cover of the fishing boat, but we told him not to worry.

The rain fell relentlessly, but Jim and I determined to catch the elusive bass. We ignored the rain as we fished. After about thirty minutes in the rain, I finally got a shift in my fishing rod.

The rod began to shake in my hand as the fish tried to escape. By the way, the fish was trying its best to escape, and I was sure it was bass. It also almost pulled me into the water, and I was sure that it was a big one.

I got a big one,” I shouted.

Me too,” Jim shouted.

I looked back at Jim, and that was my mistake. My loss in concentration made the bass pull me over the kayak and into the water. In the water, I saw the clear underwater area and saw a massive bass swimming away from me, my hook still in its mouth. My fishing rod was still in its mouth.

I swam after it and caught it before it could hide. I wrapped my arms around its slippery body and swam back to the surface. It did all its best to wriggle out of my clutch, but I was more determined than it was. I had been trying to catch bass like this for years.

I reached the surface, and the rain pelted my face, and still, I didn’t let the bass go. The kayak and the fishing boat surrounded me, and Jim and Dave were able to pull me into the boat.

Jim had also caught big bass, and although it was not as big as mine, it was big nonetheless.


Fishing in Bad Weather


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