8 Best Places to Bass Fish in Arizona

Lake Roosevelt

The great lake is home to a chain of lakes and rivers that drain into it, including Salt River. It is the first of a chain of lakes that provide a lot of fishes. The freshwater lake is home to both the smallmouth and largemouth basses making it one of the best places to bass fish in Arizona. This is attributed to the presence of spawn and other forage in high quantities in these waters thus providing suitable media for these fishes. Also, the presence of fluctuating temperatures in these waters provides suitable media for the bass fishes. They are present in great quantity making the lake a major fishing spot. At 20,000 acres it is roughly the biggest lake in the state of Arizona hence a greater surface area for fish. There are submerged trees in this lake near the shoreline where bass congregate much to the satisfaction of the fisherman.

Lake Pleasant

At 10,000 acres, this is the largest lake in Phoenix and one of the largest in Arizona. It is part of a park that bears the same name. There are a few islands on the lake where largemouth basses are easy to catch. The fluctuation of the water levels of the lake makes fishing easy. The lake is found northwest of Phoenix and supports great largemouth bass numbers. Its great size partly contributes to this. Also, it is not only home to the largemouth bass but to white and striped bass. It is the only home to white bass fishes making it a popular fishing site to behold the phenomenal bass fish. To catch the fishes in large numbers, then it is recommended to fish at dusk and dawn when they are in shallow waters.

Lake Havasu

This is one of the greatest producers of smallmouth bass in Arizona. There is a higher flux of bass away from the shore due to the presence of a city. The lake offers an all season catch of bass with the fishes changing their location depending on the temperature. The lake is neighbors with various deserts thus providing a warm temperature which the bass seem to prefer. Further, it is a freshwater lake.

Alamo Lake

The reservoir of two rivers, Colorado River and Bill Williams River, the lake has great quantities of largemouth basses. Standing at 3,500 acres, it is a fairly big lake situated to the West of Arizona. Nonetheless, the level of water has a great impact on this quantity. More water means more bass fishing is possible since more bass grows to maturity. It is not only home to bass but to other types of fishes such as catfish and tilapia, making it a major fishing spot in the state. As a result, the lake has played host to a number of Arizona fishing competitions.

Lees Ferry

This is a 13 mile stretch of the Colorado River which offers both bass fishes. It covers about 120 acres which are decent. Unlike lakes, the river strip has quite a constant range of temperature making it optimal for the thriving of these bass fishes. It is home to very beautiful scenery attributed to the sandstone cliffs.

Lake Apache

The freshwater lake is majorly known for the smallmouths but has a significant number of largemouth basses that you can catch from boat or shore. Consequently, the lake is a camping option for many who seek to engage in the smallmouth bass fishing expedition. This is further influenced by the presence of wildlife and beautiful natural sceneries.

Canyon Lake

The lake is one of the best places to bass fish in Arizona since it is home to some of the largest largemouth basses in the country. Nonetheless, it offers a lesser quantity than most but a greater quality. Most of the largemouth bass caught here are trophy size making it a popular fishing spot. It is quite rare to see smallmouth bass fishing here since they are not found here but in the first two lakes in the chain. That is Lake Apache and Lake Roosevelt.

Saguaro Lake

The lake is easily accessible thereby a popular fishing spot for people. Also, it is home to the largemouth bass and provides a suitable site for boating activities. It is the last lake in the chain of four lakes making it have lesser fishes compared to the rest of the lakes. Despite this, it is home to trophy fishes with a great weight making it a popular bass fishing spot both in the state of Arizona and in the whole country.

Bass fishing is an activity practiced especially in North America whereby fish known as black bass are caught. The sport has grown so great that competitions and tournaments have been organized in the state of Arizona.

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