The 10 Best Places To Fish in California


1. The McCloud River

This is the river where fishermen are able to get freshwater fish in the whole country. The McCloud River runs off of the famous Mt. Shasta. Neighboring Hat Creek and Burney Falls as other arms of the river natives such as brookies, bows as well as browns swim.

2. The Delta

Every angler should be on the lookout for the San Joaquin Delta that runs through California. There is a big base swimming all the way through the waters for a long distance. You will get to catch a variety of fish including catfish, sturgeons, stripers and many more, and if you are lucky, you might get to see a whale. This is the number one spot that should be on your list in California.

3. Clear Lake

This has to be the most sought-after place for catching bass after Delta in entire California. Because of its warm temperatures, plenty of fish, as well as abundant cover enables the fish to grow very big, and it is possible that fishers can catch fish weighing 6 pounds all year. Clear Lake is a treasure to the country and is definitely one of the best spots you can carry out bass fishing.

4. Santa Monica Pier

This fishing ground is located in Southern California and also serves as a tourist attraction for beach lovers in addition to being one of the best fishing grounds. Fishers can find a spot away from the other anglers at the end of the pier, where you will get a perfect place for casting your bait and catch fish such as calico bass, herring, sculpin, herring, halibut, mackerel, and surfperch. To get the best results, you can go fishing at night when there are few people and less competition.

5. Castaic Lake

The lake is located on North Angeles, and it will take you an hour to get there, Castaic Lake is a great place for getting fish. There is a huge bass swimming from one end to another making the lake yet one of the places that fishers will really enjoy fishing.

6. Lake Almanor

This lake has freshwater fish, and their smallmouth really puts up a fight. Lake Almanor is a man-made lake with a spectacular view. Additionally, the lake is also home to Northern California’s famous ‘fog pockets”. You will have a really great time while fishing in this place.

7. Lake Cuyamaca

This lake accommodates approximately 45,000lbs of the stocked rainbow every year. The favorable warm temperatures of San Diego County ensure that fishers can fish all year round as long as they want. You will also get a lot of 7+ lb bass the Julian, CA water. The area is also lowly populated meaning fishers can catch fish on plenty of bass fishing lures.

8. Lake Shasta

Fishers normally go to the bridge which is a local spot that is a favorite to many, there is also an option of going around the bridge, and you will get a lot of basses there. Lake Shasta provides fishers with a lot of fish that is of high quality making it one of the best fishing areas in the state.

9. Russian River

It runs all the way through Northern California’s hills, and although it might really hot in the summer, the smallies will still bite like crazy. Going to the Russian River during fall will enable you to catch a number of steelheads just sitting on the banks while going during Thanksgiving the big steelhead will be occupying much of the river.

10. Coronado Ferry Landing Pier

This fishing spot might be a bit hidden, but it is still one of the fishing spots in California. There is plenty of saltwater species such as sand bass, spotted bay bass, bonito as well as mackerel around the back of the pier that docks Coronado Island’s ferry. Fishing is made easier because of the clear as well as shallow waters; therefore fishers need to throw a lighter tackle. You can also come across sharks, rays in addition to other saltwater predators who are also trying to catch fish for food.

The Golden State, California has numerous outdoor activities that you can choose from. From San Diego to San Francisco and other areas in between, you will find mountain climbing, cliff hiking in addition to fishing. There are so many rivers, lakes, streams as well as oceans that you can use for fishing. Northern California is the best place for bass fishing since the more you travel north, the more the reservoirs become fuller. The El Nino rain along with heavy snowpack have aided in returning the water bodies into their normal level which is at 80% or 90%.

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